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Drink WILD!

Carrot juice being poured into a cup at Wild Grocery & Cafe.

Juice Bar

A delicious selection of fresh juices using local and organic ingredients from our produce case. Offerings change with the seasons and we offer weekend mimosas with fresh juice!

Cascade Estate
Coffee Bar

All the usual espresso offerings plus freshly brewed house coffee. Add local Bennett Farm cows milk or Almond, Coconut, Hemp, Oat or Soy to make your coffee creamy and delicious.

Cup of Cascades Estate Coffee.
North Fork 53 Tea in tins, displayed at Wild Grocery & Cafe.

CommuniTea Bar

Partnering with our friends at North Fork 53 Tea and Wellness Center, we proudly serve a lovely sampling of their black, green and herbal offerings that changes with the seasons. Local, delicious, nourishing!

Blue Lotus Chai Bar

Based out of Eugene, Oregon, Blue Lotus Chair provides us with their Traditional, Mandarin, Star Anise, Mint, Rooibos and Golden Chai for your chai tea or chai tea latte. Choose from our alternative milk options.

Blue Lotus Chai tins.
Cans of Fort George Beer for sale at Wild Grocery & Cafe.


Fort George Distribution provides us with a nice variety of beers including IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts and specialty brews from some of the best brewers in the Pacific Northwest.


Our buddy David at PDX Wine, keeps our wine section fully stocked with beautiful, all natural, local and old world wines from some of the worlds best vineyards. We support wine made by farmers and families not factories.

Bottles of Wine for sale at Wild Grocery & Cafe.
Bottle of hard cider.


We feature delicious ciders from the beautiful folks at Wildcraft Cider in Eugene, Oregon and Finn River Cider in Washington. We are always bringing on new flavors and keep your favorites well stocked.


We carry a wide variety of cold beverages including Lion Heart, GT's and Soma Kombuchas, COGO juices and smoothies, cold teas and cold brews, sparkling and still water, and natural sodas and energy drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks.